Sanworl's flagship product Focus Analyzer™ (FA) is a multi-data analytics cloud platform for telecom data especially for drive/walk test data, OSS data, Call trace, PM counter, etc. The tool supports multiple technologies including 5G-NR, IoT, LTE, WCDMA, and GSM, and offers comprehensive features for data analysis, network optimization and troubleshooting, and customizable reporting. Its feature set for drive test data is comparable to common tools like Actix Analyzer, TEMS Discovery and Nemo WindCatcher.

Focus Analyzer is a feature-rich and competitive solution providing cost saving and cost avoidance. The platform and architecture are flexible and powerful for supporting multi-channel big data. The Import Plugin Interface enables users to create their own data import module to import any specific data and rely on Focus Analyzer™ (FA) for deep dive data analysis and reporting.

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Focus Analyzer Editions




Technology5G-NR, IoT, LTE, Wcdma, GSM
Plugin interface Plugin your data import module to import your data
Data Format
  • NEMO *.nmf
  • AZENQOS *.azm
  • PCTel *.dtr, *.csv
  • Formatted Text File
  • PCAP
Time Sequence Views
Aggregation Views
Focus View (Spotlight)
Report View
Raw Data Repository
Analysis Script Builder
OLAP Cube Builder
Metric Group Builder
Report Template Builder
Dashboard Builder
Automation Task Builder
Peer-2-Peer Networking
FocusOne Platform Setup
FocusOne Platform Access
Technical Support Email Service Agreement

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